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Top 5 Romantic Date Night Ideas In White Oak

Romantic date nights aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. You can plan a night out in White Oak any day of the week. Here are 5 fun ideas for a special evening, starting out right in the backyard of Enclave Silver Spring Modern apartments.

1. Go for a Traditional Restaurant Date

Few things beat a traditional one-on-one date at a restaurant. It may seem cliche, but there’s a reason that dinner and a movie are such popular date night activities — they allow you to connect while providing a common theme to talk about and connect over. Put your cell phones face down on the table or in your bags and have a meaningful conversation over dinner at one of our top romantic restaurants in White Oak:

2. Book a Hotel For the Night

Although Enclave’s apartments are the pinnacle of modern living, sometimes it can help heat things up to get out of the house. Enjoy a night at your favorite chain hotel or splurge for a unique experience. Our top 3-star hotel picks for an upper-class romantic atmosphere are Sonesta Select Greenbelt and Cambria Hotel College Park, both within a 15-minute drive from Enclave near Silver Spring.

3. Watch the Sunset From a Park Bench

Depending on the weather, watching the sunset from a bench in one of White Oak’s many beautiful parks is a no-cost date alternative. Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park, Hillandale Local Park, and Paint Branch Park have great spots to have a picnic and watch the sun go down. If it’s cold, bring a blanket and a thermos of hot chocolate to share!

4. Order In and Play Games

Ordering in may seem mundane, but you can make it special by choosing a restaurant you’ve never eaten at before and setting up games to play that get you involved and having fun with your partner. Enclave’s clubhouse or party room are great places to have a quiet, romantic dinner together before heading up to your apartment for the evening.

5. Get Fit Together

Whether you and your partner are fitness buffs or just want to get healthier, planning a date night (or day) at a fitness center can be a lot of fun. Challenge each other to do your best and support each other when you feel like quitting. Best of all, this is a date you can repeat! Skip the public gyms in White Oak for Enclave’s 3,000-square-foot fitness center featuring state-of-the-art exercise equipment, offering you and your partner a more intimate workout setting.

Enclave Silver Spring: A Top Location for Modern Living in Maryland

Enclave Silver Spring is a modern apartment community with gorgeous one & two bedroom floor plans. You don’t have to go far to have a romantic date whenever you need to reconnect with your partner when you live at Enclave Silver Spring Apartments.

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