Stuck at Home, Try These Ideas Out

The COVID-19 quarantine has many of us looking for things to do to keep us busy and keep cabin fever away. Whether you have kids at home that need to be entertained or are looking for ways to keep yourself busy, here are some ideas from the team at The Enclave, a White Oaks apartment community, that can help you make the most out of this time of quarantine.

1. Play Some Games

  1. Games bring the entire family together. Play some board or card games to pass the time and bond with your kids. Classics like Scrabble, Clue, and Monopoly are favorites of all ages, or you can try your hand at one of the new games the younger generation likes, such as Exploding Kittens or Throw Throw Burrito.
  2. Learn a new language, try the Duolingo App. This is a  great way to pass the time and pick up a new skill. You’ll impress all your friends with how fluent you can become in a short amount of time. Practice for a few weeks and push yourself to try and read a paper from another country and you will be speaking a new language in no time!

2. Catch up on Your Streaming Services

How long was it since you could have a true binge watching session? Well, now you have time! If you’re not sure what to watch, consider these ideas:

  • For comedy, consider The Office, Schitt’s Creek, The Good Place, or something classic like the Andy Griffith Show for the kids.
  • For cartoons, check out Dragon Prince or binge-watch your child’s favorite series from start to finish. My Little Pony is actually quite entertaining, even for adults.
  • Reality TV is abundant on Netflix. Love Is Blind is a popular one to consider.

3. Have a Movie Marathon

Maybe you’re in a mood for a movie instead. With Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime at your disposal, you can find a number of movies for the whole family. Some of the best available right now include:

  • Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • El Camino
  • Lost Girls
  • Black Panther and the entire Marvel Universe Lineup is available on Disney+
  • Indiana Jones Series – Netflix

4. Order Takeout

The White Oak Shopping Center is within walking distance of our Silver Oak apartment community, and it has several restaurants that are still open for pickup or carry out. Some of these include:

  • Pansa Llena Mexican Grill – Open for takeout and delivery, you can grab some tacos and burritos to enjoy in your apartment.
  • Nice N’ Spicy – Swing by this Jamaican favorite for takeout.
  • Pizza Castle – Movie night is just better with pizza, and you can get both takeout and delivery here.
  • Sarku Japan Teriyaki & Sushi Express – Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy takeout from your favorite Japanese or sushi place.
  • Hunan Manor – If you’re hungry for Chinese, you can still pick up takeout here.
  • Noodle King – Yet another nearby Asian option with takeout available

Clearly, you won’t be going hungry during quarantine!

5. Do an At-Home Workout

Are you worried about gaining weight while you’re stuck at home? YouTube has a three-day workout series you could follow here:

Another option is to perform a simple at home workout challenge. You may end up in better shape than when the quarantine started!
Try this 4 week ab challenge out at home during self-quarantine.

6. Cooking When You’re Missing Items

Cooking is no fun when you don’t have some basic items like eggs, milk, or butter. But thankfully thanks to USA Today, we have a list of items you can make if you are missing any of them, and some of them are absolutely scrumptious, from mini blueberry cheesecakes, no egg chocolate chip cookies and the best chocolate chip cookies (if you have everything), and a delicious chocolate cake that uses no butter or eggs. 

Stay Sane at Home During Quarantine

Quarantine isn’t easy, but you can make it fun. Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy life in The Enclave, a Silver Spring, MD apartment community. Soon this will be over, and you’ll be back to shopping at White Oaks and enjoying all that makes our community so great.

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