4 Walkable Activities To Do Near Fells Point and Silver Spring

The historic waterside area of Fells Point — founded in 1763 — is a charming Baltimore neighborhood that offers many walkable activities. From waterfront promenades and streets made of Belgian blocks to storied bars and waterfront restaurants, you won’t have any trouble finding walkable activities near Fells Point. Nearby, Silver Spring, Maryland, offers luxury apartments for rent that make it convenient to visit Fells Point anytime you choose.

Take a Hike on a Waterfront Promenade

The 4.4-mile walk along the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade from Fells Point to Canton Waterfront Park offers you the chance to enjoy city and water views as you stroll along the Patapsco River. This walk is suitable for all ages and typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Expect some bikes on the trail, and dogs on leashes are allowed.

Visit the Oldest Bar in Town

Once you’ve finished your waterside walk, quench your thirst at the town’s oldest bar, The Horse, You Came In On Saloon. Known locally as The Horse, the bar was established in 1775 and claims to be America’s oldest continually operated saloon, remaining open even during prohibition. Rumors have it that this bar was Edgar Allan Poe’s last stop before his mysterious death. Its name also inspired best-selling mystery writer Martha Grimes, who used it as the title of a famous detective caper.

Take a Walking and Eating Tour

If you’re hungry after all this walking and drinking, consider a walkable food tour. These tours allow you to try multiple restaurants in one day as you walk through Baltimore’s historic neighborhoods and learn about their rich history through stories and cultural anecdotes.

See Some ‘Outsider’ Art

Walk to the beat of a different drum and visit the inclusive American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). You’ll need to leave any traditional perception of museums behind to enjoy this must-see architectural wonder near Fells Point. The unique landmark features the work of self-taught artists and challenges the accepted notion of what it means to be an artist.

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