Fall Decorating Ideas for your Apartment

3 Easy Apartment Improvement Projects To Try This Weekend

With social distancing a top priority, it’s the perfect time for weekend projects while chilling inside your
Silver Spring, Maryland, apartment. And what better to do than complete a full apartment transformation
right in time for the start of the fall season? As you put in the time to decorate your upscale apartments,
you can get ready for all the fun that autumn brings. If you’re ready to get started, just use this guide for
some great ideas.

Insert More Green
Look around your apartment and identify areas that may have always needed that burst of color or a little something extra and envision what type of plant would make it pop. Adding more green tones can make just about any area pop and bring new life, not to mention, plants don’t just look pretty, they actually improve the air and oxygen quality of your living space. Make sure to check how much direct light your plant will get in its designated space so you’re sure to pick out plants that will thrive in the environment, you can find all kinds of plants that do well either in shade or in the sun, so make sure to plan ahead and get the right plant for the spot.

Dig Deep Into Your Linen Closet
The fall brings colder temperatures and even a few storms, so make sure to get ready for that with an upgrade of all your linens. You can beef up your throw blankets by switching out your thin ones for wool and fleece. Don’t forget to change out the quilts and comforters on your bed as well.

Upgrade to plush towels for the bathroom and even update the rugs in that space to make it as cozy as possible. You will appreciate the luxe linens when it comes time to warm up after coming in from the cold.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom
A cozy and inviting bathroom goes an awful long way toward making your apartment homier—and, when it’s safe to do so, welcoming guests back over for dinner or a party with a bit more pride and confidence.
The fact that this private corner of the apartment is very easy to neglect makes it a prime choice for a rolling-up-your-sleeves sort of weekend endeavor.

Consider, for example, regrouting the tile in your bathroom: a surefire way to make it sparkle and shine like new. This is a classic weekend project that—despite perhaps seeming daunting to a first-timer—is easy and rewarding to pull off. Clearing out the degraded old grout, mixing a new batch, and applying it via a grout float, then cleaning up with sponge and broom: It’s all completely accessible to a DIYer, and tailor-made for a couple of days of snappy work.

Once you’re done with the nitty-gritty, add some new towels, shower curtain, candles, and maybe even some wall decor to see your whole bathroom look and feel completely transformed.

While reworking the interior design at your apartments at The Enclave at Silver Springs, make sure to take some time off to relax and recharge. Thanks to our luxury apartment community’s ideal location, you can head out to Woodside Urban Park for a quiet walk or check out the markets at Veterans Plaza. If you prefer to stay closer to home, then come on down to enjoy the onsite luxury amenities, including Zen garden, resort-style swimming pool, and tennis courts.

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